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Too often, the impact of legislation on the state’s economic climate is overlooked during the legislative process. Consequently, California businesses are facing an increasingly hostile business climate — a climate that leaves many business leaders questioning the wisdom of doing business in California.

Every year, there are dozens of bills introduced in the state Legislature that would negatively impact California’s economic health. While enactment of one or two bills that damage business might not cause a company to leave California, the enactment of multiple bills might very well have that effect.

While other business associations focus on individual bills, it is important that the overall impact of all business-related legislation be carefully considered. By analyzing and assessing the impact of these legislative proposals on the business climate in California, the California Business Roundtable helps policymakers, opinion leaders and the media understand the cumulative costs of legislation. These efforts complement and reinforce efforts by other business associations, which focus on individual legislative proposals.

The Roundtable’s annual California Business Climate Survey is one tool we use to educate lawmakers, business leaders and the general public about the state of the business environment. For the past decade, the Roundtable has tracked the attitudes of business leaders and voters toward key public policy issues as they affect the economy and the state’s business climate. The views of small and medium-sized companies, as well as larger employers, are represented in the survey. The results of the survey are widely reported across the state and used as a resource for the news media, policymakers and business leaders.


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