Priorities Spotlight

  • Business Climate

    California’s policy makers must work together to restore the promise of economic growth and prosperity. The state’s current business climate is hindering job creation efforts and stifling economic growth.

  • Education

    California’s future economic competitiveness demands an educated and highly skilled workforce. Business must be a unifying voice for the rapid improvement of our state’s public schools.

  • Infrastructure


    California continues to live off the legacy of past generations investment in infrastructure. Our long term economic prosperity demands that we make investments today to rebuild and strengthen our infrastructure.

  • Regulatory Reform

    California’s regulatory environment is the most costly and uncertain in the nation. Clear, consistent and wise regulations not only protect the well-being of the population but improve the business climate.

  • Tort Reform

    California’s perpetual “tort war” continue pitting personal injury attorneys against insurance and business groups. We must continue to press for fairness and balance in the civil justice system.

  • Job Creation

    The principal focus of the Business Roundtable is to provide the leadership necessary to create jobs and strengthen our economy. Job creation is paramount to a healthy, thriving economy.

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