• Statewide and Regional Business Community Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action

    Today the statewide and regional business community issued a statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court's Affirmative Action decision. READ MORE
  • California Business Roundtable Issues Statement in Opposition to AB 102 to Bring Back the Industrial Welfare Commission

    Special interests continue to use legislation and statewide initiatives to fundamentally disrupt the employer/employee relationship in the private sector. READ MORE

    Today, the California State Senate took an aggressive step toward allowing unelected state bureaucrats to regulate business profits and drive up costs on working families, all while removing accountability and oversight by elected officials whose constituents will end up paying the higher prices. READ MORE
  • Business Roundtable Issues Statement in Response to New Wealth Tax Proposal

    This wealth tax proposal is the wrong solution, both now and in the future. California does not have a budget deficit. Instead, we have a reduced surplus, caused mainly by the state's overreliance on high-wage earners and their volatile income streams. READ MORE
  • California Business Community Responds to Proposed End-of-Session Climate Proposals

    The California Business Roundtable, in partnership with the broader business community, today issued a press release in response to last-minute climate change proposals in the California Legislature. READ MORE
  • Business Roundtable Responds to Assembly Select Committee Investigating Gas Prices

    The causes of gas price increases have been investigated repeatedly, with several Attorneys General finding no evidence or indications of collusion, price fixing, or price gouging. What they have found time and again—both now and in prior years—is state regulations are responsible for the higher costs working families are paying. READ MORE
  • Business Roundtable Responds to Governor Gavin Newsom’s May Revise

    California has an unprecedented budget surplus. Read the Business Roundtable's response to Governor Newsom's FY 22-23 May Revise, released May 13, 2022. READ MORE
  • Business Roundtable Issues Statement on Latest California Energy Price Data

    Rob Lapsley, president of the California Business Roundtable, issued the following statement today in response to the Center for Jobs & the Economy’s February Energy Price Data report and rapidly increasing cost of gasoline in California. READ MORE
  • Business Roundtable Responds to Middle-Class Tax Increase Proposal Introduced in California Legislature

    California Business Roundtable President Rob Lapsley issued the following response today to the introduction of ACA 11, the companion piece to AB 1400 (Kalra), that will increase Californians’ tax burden by an additional $163 billion per year. READ MORE

Priorities Spotlight

Statewide Business Community Launches PSA To Encourage Vaccinations

STATEWIDE BUSINESS COMMUNITY LAUNCHES PSA TO ENCOURAGE VACCINATIONS “Do It For” PSA launches as state expands vaccine eligibility to all residents 16 and older SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The unified California business community today released a new  public service announcement (PSA), “Do It For,” which will air statewide on TV, radio and social media, reaching millions

  • Business Climate

    California’s policy makers must work together to restore the promise of economic growth and prosperity. The state’s current business climate is hindering job creation efforts and stifling economic growth.

  • Education

    California’s future economic competitiveness demands an educated and highly skilled workforce. Business must be a unifying voice for the rapid improvement of our state’s public schools.

  • Infrastructure


    California continues to live off the legacy of past generations investment in infrastructure. Our long term economic prosperity demands that we make investments today to rebuild and strengthen our infrastructure.

  • Regulatory Reform

    California’s regulatory environment is the most costly and uncertain in the nation. Clear, consistent and wise regulations not only protect the well-being of the population but improve the business climate.

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While members of the California Business Roundtable represent virtually every major industry segment, the association is membership focused.

The Roundtable membership is limited to leading companies doing business in California and participation is limited to chief executive officers and senior operating executives of these companies.

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