Ballot Survey September 2016

CBRT Ballot Initiatives 2016

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  • Members,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide us your strategic direction on the statewide ballot initiatives. To complete the brief survey simply enter your name and email address and then click next.

    For your reference, each initiative title links to CBRT’s full analysis.

    Lastly, each initiative is analyzed through our CBRT decision-making guidelines adopted by the Executive Committee. For your reference, the guidelines are below:

    The following decision-making principles help guide the California Business Roundtable decision making process when determining when and how to engage in issues critical to a healthy business climate in California:

    1. Does this issue or policy directly or indirectly strengthen California’s economy and create jobs?
    2. Does this issue or policy provide systemic or lasting reform to California government or policies consistent with the Roundtable mission?
    3. Does this issue or policy advance our strategic plan and the mission of the California Business Roundtable?
    4. Does this issue or policy directly or indirectly lead to a better prepared workforce in the future?
    5. Is this an issue where Roundtable leadership can have a positive impact?

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