News & Updates - Business Roundtable Responds to Middle-Class Tax Increase Proposal Introduced in California Legislature

SACRAMENTO—California Business Roundtable President Rob Lapsley issued the following response today to the introduction of ACA 11, the companion piece to AB 1400 (Kalra), that will increase Californians’ tax burden by an additional $163 billion per year:

“It is unconscionable to push another $163 billion in new and higher taxes onto working families and small businesses, especially considering the ongoing cost-of-living crisis they are facing every day. California has the highest supplemental poverty rate, one of the lowest economic recovery rates and a cost-of-living crisis impacting working families across the state. The last thing families and small businesses need is the threat of new and higher taxes. ACA 11’s middle-class tax increase will drive more families into poverty, force more small businesses to close and compel more employers—and jobs—to leave this state.

“California already has near-universal healthcare coverage; more than 94 percent of residents are covered. AB 1400 would eliminate healthcare options and force everyone into an un-tested government-run program.”

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