News & Updates - California Business Roundtable Endorses Governor Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula; Expresses Support for Efforts to Encourage Economic Development in State

California Business Roundtable Chairman, Tom Conley, and President, Rob Lapsley, today issued the following statements after the Roundtable Board voted to support Governor Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and expressed support for the Governor’s efforts on the budget and on economic development.

Roundtable Chairman Tom Conley, senior vice president for State Farm in California, statement following Roundtable vote to support the Governor’s LCFF:

“We support Governor Brown’s vision and leadership to better educate the children of California.”

“The compromise funding formula modernizes the way California funds its K-12 public schools by providing more control and flexibility to those at the local level, and provides schools the ability to better adapt to student needs and innovate.”

“We also strongly support the Governor’s inclusion of $1 billion to implement the state’s newly adopted Common Core Standards.”

“The successful implementation of the Common Core Standards will help improve educational quality, provide a level of consistency across the nation and ensure California’s public schools are preparing students for postsecondary education and the 21st century workplace.”

“We firmly believe that these efforts are critical to building and maintaining a workforce that can compete in the global economy, and are linked to the future success of our state and its economic competitiveness.”

Roundtable President Rob Lapsley’s statement regarding the Governor’s efforts on improving economic development:

“CBRT members appreciate the Governor’s and Legislature’s discussions to implement new economic development programs for attracting and expanding business in California.”

“Our state needs every single economic development tool available in order to ensure our competitiveness. As a result, we believe the Governor and the Legislature can develop policies that reform our current programs while also implementing new proposals that work together to create jobs and expand our economy.”

“We look forward to working with the Administration and Legislature on these important measures.”

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